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Common Heat Treatment Methods

Metal treatment is done for various reasons, but the main ones are to change its physical and sometimes chemical properties. To get the desired results, the heat must be monitored. Heat treatment is done in various techniques depending on the desired properties. The metal will be less or more brittle, stronger or weaker, or softer or harder depending on the technique that is used. Apart from the intensity of the heat, time is an important factor in the metal treatment; heating and cooling time should be controlled.

Metal hardening is the most known method of the heat treatment. The metal is heating to sufficient temperature forming a solid solution. To increase the hardness, impurities are added in the solution. The metal is quickly quenched to trap these particles.

Metals also undergoes the case hardening process. It solely concentrates on making the surface of the metal hard while the inside is still soft. The hardening of the outer layer is achieved using the chemical and temperature. Carbon is the common metal that is used in the infusion.

Annealing is another method of heat treatment. Every metal has a particular time that it is heated until physical change. Air cooling is done after the heating. Annealing is done on the copper, silver, brass, and aluminum. the annealing aims to make the metal ductile and softer and thus workable. ductility and softness are essential properties in the machining of the metals because they will ensure that it does not crack.

Steel has a special treatment process called normalization. The temperature is higher than the one heated in annealing. It is held in the critical temperature for a long time until when it transform. the normalization aims to increase the machinability, ductility, and steering of the steel.

The resilience of the metal is increased through a process called tampering. The process is mostly done on the iron-based alloys such as the steel. The alloys have excellent hardness, but they are very brittle for some applications. Once the alloy undergoes tampering, it can be machined without on problem. Hardness, ductility, and strength are the physical properties that will be changed by the process. The heating temperature should not reach a critical point.

If you are looking for metal treatment services, there are many companies today that can help you. When you are finding a service provider, you must make sure that they have the highest standards in the metal treatment. You should look at the history and quality of work delivered by the company by examination of the online reviews. How effective is the company in the delivery of the work? Is it time. View here for the best-certified heat treating services.

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